McAfee Network Access Control Client

McAfee Network Access Control Client 4.0

Protect your network from noncompliant or infected systems
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McAfee Network Access Control - powerful solution to protect your network from noncompliant or infected systems.
The noncompliant, infected, or misconfigured systems pose security risks and incur costs due to system downtime and restoration. Even one infected host on the network can cause disruptions to network bandwidth or infect other compliant systems. Boost NAC with McAfee Network Security Platform to protect high-risk areas on the network by identifying, quarantining, and remediating any infected device.

Make network access control an integral part of your approach to security risk management. McAfee Network Access Control protects against today’s biggest internal threat—noncompliant systems that access and infect your corporate network.

Main features:

- Dynamic NAC with McAfee Network Security Platform
Protect the internal organization from the threat of remote access, high-risk branch offices, or guest wireless networks by identifying, quarantining, and then remediating any infected device

- Flexible and powerful remediation options
Minimize helpdesk calls and make faster fixes on managed systems with automated remediation; for unmanaged systems, go to a user-directed remediation portal for quick results

- Broad enforcement options
Select from a variety of enforcement strategies, thanks to integration with ePO and a flexible architecture; manage "unmanaged" systems that cannot run agents with integrated McAfee Network Security Platform; and enjoy the added enforcement options of Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP), such as 802.1X, DHCP, VPN and IPSec.

- Centralized management and control
Manage and control access to your network, along with your other system security protection, through a single console with ePO; get a bird's eye view or all the details about hosts and define policies; retrieve centralized reports of failed compliance checks and remediation action

- Protection from non-Microsoft Windows devices
Monitor and assess threats and attacks from any device, including Macintosh and Unix systems and devices with embedded operating systems, like VoIP phones, printers, faxes, and copiers.

The systems on which you install the Network Access Control client must meet these requirements:

- Memory: 512MB or higher RAM
- McAfee Agent 3.6 patch 2 or later
- Windows 2000 and above

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